ReZolve Online Occupancy Software

Widely used across the UK, ribos™ is a complete, online solution for accommodation occupancy survey management. ribos™ supports paper, email and/or Internet-based surveys, and includes templates for serviced accommodation, self-catering, caravan & camping and hostels.


  • Provides everything you need to run a complete occupancy survey, from producing data forms to publishing reports
  • No need for fiddly data entry or complex spreadsheets
  • Flexible reporting structure allows occupancy to be analysed across any combination of establishment categories
  • User-friendly respondent portal where participants can manage their profile, complete surveys online and view personal and benchmark results in tabular and graphical format
  • Many different occupancy results including room and bedspace occupancy, UK & overseas, business occupancy, average length of stay and revpar
  • Standard monthly reports plus ad-hoc results for date ranges and cumulative months
  • Messaging system for notifications, reminders and reporting results, which participants can also use to raise queries
  • Dedicated reporting portal website for securely publishing results online
  • ReZolve’s setup and support service helps you prepare the survey for use and provide ongoing assistance
  • Imports data from other surveys (including STR Global) and can export results to PDF and spreadsheet formats

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Further information about ribos™, ReZolve’s online accommodation survey software solution

How does RIBOS work?

  • Each survey has a dedicated web address, like, with 3 separate websites for participating establishments, survey administration and external reporting
  • Using the administration website, you can: manage contacts and profiles, exchange messages with participants, create paper data forms, check on the number of data forms that have been completed, manually complete forms, analyse, query and publish results
  • Establishments participating in the survey can complete paper forms or use the simple online data forms on the respondent website
  • You can publish results and make these available to external users via the reporting portal, and provide tailored access to different sets of results for each user
Who uses RIBOS?
ReZolve software, including ribos™, has supported the UK Occupancy Survey since 1999, along with surveys managed by all English regional tourism bodies and Visit Wales. From 2011, Ribos™ has supported surveys managed for Visit Scotland. In addition, a number of smaller regional and local surveys are based on ribos™ software.
How much does RIBOS cost?
ribos™ is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product and is available on an annual licence basis. This means no installation is required. All you need is any modern web browser and you can start using the software immediately, with no limit on the number of users.
Costs depend on the size and scope of the survey, with small, local surveys starting at less than £1,000 p.a.
About Rezolve
Established in 1998 and based in North Yorkshire, ReZolve is a software company specialising in bespoke database-based web software. ReZolve has been working with occupancy surveys since 1999 and Ribos™ is the product of over 17 years’ ongoing development.

ReZolve also provides a range of web, email and helpdesk solutions for an expanding client base in the UK and Europe.

UK Occupancy Surveys

ReZolve have been providing software solutions for accommodation occupancy surveys in the UK since 1999, currently providing a cloud-based, SaaS solution called  RIBOS.

Survey IT

ReZolve began work on the Survey IT software in 1998 for a consortium of the English regional tourist boards and the Wales Tourist Board. The software was based on an Access 97 database with a PC application developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Crystal Reports.

A key element of the design of the software was to incorporate a flexible system of analysis categories, allowing each region to analyse data using custom categories such as geographical funding areas.

Web-based Surveys

An early web-based survey was introduced in 2001 to allow for data collection for some respondents via the Internet. Synchronisation of data between the web and the regional database was an important feature of this application too.

England Occupancy Survey

In 2004 a consortium of regional tourist boards won the contract to run the England Occupancy Survey and a customised version of Survey IT was used successfully to administer this for three years. This also included the synchronisation of data between the regional system and the EOS database using XML data files over HTTP.

While the software remained PC-based, the EOS system used a SQL Server database hosted on a ReZolve data server.

From 2007, the England Occupancy Survey operated using a new web-based application, developed and hosted by ReZolve. This provided additional functionality for active recruitment of new respondents and a separate reporting portal. Delivery of personal results and benchmarks was also enhanced to provide greater benefits to participating establishments.


ReZolve Internet-Based Occupancy Software has been developed on the core functionality of the original Survey IT software but as a wholly web-based solution. Largely based on the success of the EOS software, RIBOS provides a comprehensive, easy to use, platform for accommodation occupancy survey which is now being rolled out to existing users.