RIBOS Administration Portal

An administration website, providing facilities for the survey operator to manage the participating establishments, data form submission, analysis and results reporting


The home page of the admin website provides a summary of outstanding follow up calls for recruitment or data form completion.


These pages allow maintenance of all participant contact details, including recruitment activity.


These pages allow maintenance of all profile details including, profile categories, messages and data form history.

The profile record includes a set of analysis categories that assign the establishment to profile groups, for example, Location, Size, Tariff Band, etc, and are used in the analysis process.

The analysis categories are all configurable within the system and additional options for analysis can be added at any time.


This option allows contacts and profiles to be grouped for mailing and reporting purposes.

Mailing lists can be generated to target groups of participants by region, status and monthly data form progress.

Mailing Lists can also be used to generate mail merge data for the creation of paper-based survey forms and reminders.


This section provides facilities for communicating with participants by email, including responding to incoming messages from participants, and sending data form reminders and password confirmations. Messages can be sent to individual participants or a group of participants via a Mailing List.


This provides a summary of progress in collecting data forms for each month. It shows the number of complete and incomplete forms, numbers of establishments closed and numbers imported from regional systems. This can be further analysed by region for each month.

Data Forms

Data forms completed by participants can be viewed and, where necessary, completed from within the admin website. This includes the same level of quality control as the participant data form pages.

Data forms can also be imported from external systems (see later).


Provides reports on recruitment progress by month, and a summary of data form completion by establishment.


A number of options for importing data, either from other (regional) RIBOS surveys or summary data, for example from STR Global.


The analysis process takes the data forms entered for a selected month and uses these to create a comprehensive set of individual results. These include all the required occupancy figures (room occupancy, bedspace occupancy, average length of stay, etc.) broken down by all the required categories (region, type of establishment, size band, rating, etc.). The results can then be viewed and exported using the Results option.

The analysis process includes further quality checks on the data forms to maximise the sample.


The Results option makes available all the results created by the Analysis in a number of standard reports, and also allows ad-hoc enquiries. All reports can be exported to comma-separate files for import into spreadsheets for further analysis.

Reports include a spreadsheet of monthly results in the format required by the UKOS co-ordinator, together with supporting quality control reports.


Allows the creation of custom charts for reporting results graphically. These can then be made available in the reporting dashboard.

Date Range

A number of summary reporting options to report on non-monthly periods by date range, or combining individual months to, for example, provide quarterly or annual summaries.

Users, Settings, Survey Help

These options are for setting background data in the system and controlling access to the admin website.

Other Features


Data can be weighted before analysis to be more representative by size and location. The accommodation bedspace totals used to set target weights can be viewed and amended on an annual basis.

Gross Bedspace (optional)

The calculation of Gross Bedspace Occupancy is included in the analysis and based on monthly average seasonal closures, and temporary closures calculated from the monthly data forms.

Data Import and Aggregation

Data can currently be imported into RIBOS using 2 methods using comma-separated data files or XML data files: –

  • XML import/export from other RIBOS systems
  • Summary data forms, i.e. monthly totals by establishment, can be imported. This is currently used to import anonymised data from surveys of larger hotels in some regional implementations
  • Detailed data forms, including daily data. Currently used to import from previous survey software systems
  • The import of summarised daily data from STR. The analysis provides the facility to report on the data both with and without the inclusion of STR data

Accommodation Census and Recruitment

The software can be used to collect and store establishment contact and profile data that is not included in the survey to enable ongoing recruitment to the survey panel.