RIBOS Participant Portal

A website for participants providing facilities for data entry, results reporting and messaging.


Participants can amend their contact details and the profile of their establishment(s), as well as changing their access password.

Data Forms

Participants can enter data on a daily basis, or at the end of the month. The months that are available for data entry are controlled by the admin website.

The data form includes options for indicating that the establishment is closed and providing data either as daily totals or split by National/Overseas. A sample data form screen is shown below:

Data forms are validated against a comprehensive set of rules to ensure a high quality of responses.


Participants see results in graphical form but can drill down to view the data as tables too. The graphs show their own personal results compared to their region and the whole of the country.

In addition, they can select to compare their results to similar properties by any of the profile categories: size, tariff, rating, award, location and type of establishment, where the sample size is sufficient. A sample results page is shown below:


The participant website includes a messaging facility for communicating with the survey administrator via email.