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Login Questions

Can’t Log In?

If you receive the messageInvalid User ID or Password, this will always mean that one of these has been entered incorrectly. Try using the Find Me form on the login page.

Double-check your User ID and Password. Passwords are case-sensitive so check you don’t have Caps Lock on. If you are cutting-and-pasting your password, check that you are not including any spaces, or typing it in directly.

Also note that cookies need to be enabled in your browser for you to be able to log in. If you can’t login but don’t get any message at all, it is likely that cookies are disabled. Refer to your browser’s help for information on cookies.

If all else fails, contact your survey operator. You can find their contact details at the foot of any emails you have received from them.

Other Questions?

If you are participating in a survey and have any questions about your survey, please contact your survey operator. You can contact them using the Messages option after you have logged in.

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